July 27, 2023 | IBM Z

New JSLplus+ Plugin Enhances Java Batch Validation with plus+Pack Suite


SEA is excited to announce the latest addition to our plus+Pack software suite: the JSLplus+ plugin.

Compatible with any Java Eclipse-based IDE, SEA’s new plugin enhances Java Batch validation & run-time simulation, minimizes production defects and improves overall production efficiency.



JSLplus+ plugin enhances the validation and run-time simulation of Java batch processes that adhere to the JSR-352 standards, ensuring an efficient integration of Java Batch quality controls to the existing batch lifecycle processes, minimizing costly production defects and improving the overall production efficiency.

JSL – The new XML-based paradigm for Java Batch testing

JSR-352 introduced the Job Specification Language (JSL), an XML-based language that defines batch jobs and associated artifacts within the batch programming model. Job XMLs, implemented in XML, play a crucial role in this process. The JSLplus+ Eclipse plugin provides a comprehensive set of tools to validate individual Job XMLs, all Job XMLs in an Eclipse project, or all Job XMLs packaged within a WAR file.


The key features of the JSLplus+ plugin include:

  • Syntax Checking and JSL-Specific Error Detection: Ensures the validity of your XML files and identifies any JSL-specific errors effectively.
  • Variable Property Definition Resolution: Resolves variable property definitions seamlessly, allowing for accurate validation.
  • JSL Semantics Validation: Validates JSL semantics including proper coding of forward references and property references.
  • Artifact Reference Validation: Verifies references to artifacts, such as the existence of Java classes and their correct implementation of interfaces.

Detailed reporting and cross-reference capabilities

The JSLplus+ plugin generates a detailed report and additional cross-reference windows to make the validation process even more intuitive. These features include:

  • Summary of Warnings and Errors: Quickly access an overview of any warnings or errors detected during the validation process.
  • Searchable Indexed References: Easily search and navigate through JSL tags, JSL properties, and Java artifacts for efficient troubleshooting.
  • Graphical Visualization: Gain a graphical representation of the flow of steps within a job, providing visual insights into all batch processes.

The JSLplus+ plugin is compatible with any Eclipse-based Java Integrated Development environment including IBM Developer for z/OS (IDz), BMC Compuware Topaz Workbench, Micro Focus Enterprise Developer for Eclipse, native Eclipse environments,  and others . JSL also supports Job XMLs coded according to Java Batch version 1.0, 2.0 or 2.1 specifications, ensuring total compatibility

Learn more about JSLplus+

Find out more about using JSLplus+ to meet your Java Batch needs. Click here to learn more about JSLplus+ and get a demonstration. JSLplus+ will help you increase efficiency while reducing costs through production defect elimination.