March 8, 2021 | IBM Z

Current Trends Driving IBM Z Batch Quality, Testing & the DevOps Tools Landscape


There are five current market trends driving new IBM Z modernization initiatives in batch quality, testing, and DevOps.

  1. Batch systems such as Z/OS are mission critical business assets—Batch systems still manage 80% of enterprise business data. It’s estimated that 70% of all enterprise transactions touch a mainframe, making them a critical business asset that will not be replaced. Batch systems will continue to be developed, creating a greater need for improving batch quality processing and testing.
  2. The API economy requires extending batch applications (batch application extension)—Business APIs are simple to use pieces of code that provide an interface to consume business assets, such as Z/OS data and applications, from other computers and devices. The API economy refers to the business model and practices used in managing APIs, and how organizations expose and manage assets (including z/OS access) using APIs. As more applications, devices, and platforms access z/OS through APIs, there is a greater need for improved quality and testing practices.
  3. DevOps and Agile methodologies heightening interest in batch development/maintenance practices—z/OS development is increasingly performed in conjunction with other IT initiatives using agile-based project management and DevOps practices that combine software development and IT operations. These methodologies deliver and support software initiatives incrementally at a faster pace than traditional IT delivery and support methodologies. DevOps tools and technique have become essential for IBM Z shops.
  4. SDLC testing processes focusing on early defect elimination—Early defect elimination enables DevOps and Agile methodologies where defects are found earlier in the development cycle, allowing program issues to be found before deployment rather than after deployment. This is especially valuable when changes are rolled in faster iterative sprints as the pace of change speeds up, and to prevent cost overrun due to unexpected production failures. Modern quality and testing tools aid this trend by finding defects earlier in the process.
  5. The mainframe remains relevant in the new economy—The mainframe is the workhorse of the digital economy, where a typical CICS environment processes more than 1.1 million transactions per second. No other system compares for raw throughput and processing power. As mentioned, the mainframe isn’t going anywhere. Z/OS needs to train another generation of IBM Z professionals, providing them tools such as Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), automation, batch testing, and DevOps management.

These trends affect how IBM Z professionals modernize batch quality, testing, and DevOps integration. For more information on the architecture, middleware, and integration tools available to support these initiatives, contact SEA or check out our prerecorded webinar on Modern IBM Z Batch Quality and The DevOps Tool Landscape.