August 16, 2022 | IBM Z

Beyond the Green Screen: Making IBM Z Reports & Output Universally Accessible


IBM Z users traditionally access reports, Sysout and JES log information from a 3270 interface or green screen emulator. However, many users and applications need to access IBM Z data in new and different ways, utilizing modern interfaces apart from the green screen.


IBM Z output management modernization is necessary to enrich the user experience of a diverse end-user community, and it challenges administrators to make Z reports and output universally accessible, on any device or application.

Answering the Output Management Modernization challenge

To meet this challenge, there are four different access methods that enable output management modernization, allowing you to access IBM Z reports and outputs without using a green-screen emulator:

  1. Universal access: Using a Web user interface (browser)
  2. Integrated Development EnvironmentsUsing eclipsed-based Integrated Development (IDE) plugins and tools
  3. Enterprise application access: Using REST APIs to integrate Z output and report data into enterprise applications
  4. Non-mainframe platform accessMoving archived Z reports and outputs to an outside server for archival access

Let’s look at each access technique and see how they can help you modernize IBM Z output and report access.

Universal Access: Web UI (browser) Access to IBM Z reports & outputs

Web user interfaces (Web UI) allow users to request and send data to the mainframe database through common Web browsers. Users can view and work with IBM Z reports using a responsive Web UI, eliminating the need for green-screen access and providing access to anyone with a Web browser.


Web UIs for IBM Z output and report management products such as SEA’s TRMS Report Management and SAVRS Output Management solutions are feature-rich and easy-to-use. They provide graphical capabilities for report searching, filtering, scrolling, switching between HTML & PDF views and more. Z reports can also be downloaded to user workstations in Excel, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF or in HTML and text formats.

Integrated Development Environments: Eclipsed-based IDEs and tools for IBM Z

IBM Z developers using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as BMC Compuware Topaz, IBM IDz, or any other Eclipse Based IDE, can also access IBM Z report data from outside the green screen. SEA’s output & report management plugins  provide seamless access to IBM Z report, Sysout and JES logs from an IDE desktop environment.


Using IDE plugins also allow developers to retrieve, view, and filter IBM Z reports and output using their own tools, providing developmental access to IBM Z data.

Enterprise application access: Using RESTful APIs to integrate Z reports & output into enterprise applications

IBM Z output and report access can also be extended to enterprise applications using stateless RESTful API, conforming to the REST architecture. Included with products such as SAVRS and TRMS, RESTful APIs allow developers to integrate IBM Z output and report data into other applications, scripts, or programs running on non-IBM Z systems, such as Windows, Linux, mobile, Web, and IOT devices.

Non-mainframe platform access: Moving archived Z reports and output to an outside server

Using solutions like TRMS View and SAVRS View, archived IBM Z reports, Sysout and JES logs can be migrated to a Windows or Linux server running on a cloud or distributed platform.


Once moved off the IBM Z, the archived reports, logs and other outputs can be accessed using the same Web user interface that was available when they were hosted on an IBM Z server. Migrating off platform can also free up space and capacity on the organization’s existing IBM Z box.


In situations where an organization is migrating their applications off an IBM Z box, archived Z reports, logs and JES output can also be retained for historical access for as many years as are necessary on a separate Windows or Linux server, ensuring compliance to retention requirements. This data can remain available even after an IBM Z server has been decommissioned.

Learn more about IBM Z Output Management Modernization

IBM Z Output Management Modernization enables organizations to configure & deliver IBM Z output management services based on user access requirements, instead of the green screen-only access imposed by legacy software products.


Click here to learn more about how to modernize accessing your IBM Z reports, Sysout and JES log information from outside the green screen.