January 9, 2019 | IBM i

IT Organizational Planning for 2019 and Beyond


IT Organizational planning isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a continual process that should be constantly updated.

Here a checklist of items to review on a yearly basis for your 2019 and 2020 IT Organizational planning.

  1. Meet with relevant stakeholders to identify critical IT projects for next year. Most of the other items will flow from those organizational goals.
  2. Planning for personnel needs: Understand your headcount needs, training needs, and certification needs:
    • What head count will you need for legacy, Web, and mobile programming; IT Operations (IT Ops); and user department resources
    • Budget for promotions, raises, and new hires
    • Review and renewing IT certifications
    • Update and renew contracts for outside resources
  3. Planning for server hardware upgrades and maintenance: Improve the physical hardware that your servers run on:
    • Determining whether any of your Intel or IBM POWER servers need to be replaced or updated. Reasons for updates may include no-longer supported models or age of servers, cost and availability of hardware maintenance, or leases that are expiring.
    • Increasing server capacity by adding more memory, disk, or processors
    • Budgeting for current hardware maintenance or purchasing new maintenance for machines whose maintenance contracts are expiring
    • New IBM partitions or Intel-based Virtual Machines (VMs)
    • New project hardware for special projects approved for next year (ex., security equipment, camera system, video conferencing, other equipment)
  4. Software acquisition, upgrade, and licensing activities: Support and upgrade activities for software acquisition, development, and maintenance:
    • Windows, IBM i, Linux, and AIX version operating system upgrades
    • IBM i Operating system updates including applying fixes, PTFs, Technology refreshes
    • Monthly Windows operating system updates (patches)
    • Additional IBM, Microsoft, and Linux licenses for growth
    • Programming estimates and sign-offs for new software capabilities
    • Software acquisition and upgrades, including:
      • ERP or order processing system
      • Mobile/Web applications
      • In-house email or moving your email system to the cloud
      • Job scheduling software
      • Anti-virus/anti-malware/ransomware
      • Time keeping software
      • Payroll
      • System monitoring software
      • Other third-party applications
    • Programming, administration, and IT Ops tools acquisitions and upgrades
    • Additional user licensing or Windows Client Access Licensing (CALs)
    • Software licensing renewals
    • Yearly software maintenance charges
    • True up with software licensing
  5. Data Center items: Planning for changes and expansion to your Data Center
    • Prepare for any possible Data Center downsizing or expansion due to business infrastructure changes or change in business (merger, company sold, etc.)
    • Data Center cleaning contracts and scheduling
    • Planning for moving your Data Center to the cloud or a managed service provider, if necessary
    • Plant upgrades for in-house Data Centers, including:
      • Electrical capacity updates: redundant power, Power Distribution Units (PDUs), additional capacity
      • Buying a generator for Computer Room or adding extra generator capability
      • Generator maintenance
    • UPS system expansion or replacement
      • Replacement for older UPS systems
      • Converting old line interactive UPS systems to double conversion units
      • Battery replacement, if batteries are 3-4 years old
      • Replace other UPS items that wear out, such as capacitors
    • Air conditioning upgrades
      • Condition of AC systems? Do any systems need to be replaced?
      • Maintenance, freon checks/replacement, and cleaning
    • Data Center room upgrades
      • Are you still using sprinklers that need to be replaced with a gas-based system?
      • Remodeling/updating Data Center
    • Infrastructure upgrades for in-house Data Center or Remote Locations
      1. Telecommunications line upgrades
        • Any multi-year contracts that expire soon?
        • Any new services coming on line that need increased Telcom speed?
      2. Firewall or Router upgrades
        • Cisco firewall recalls (Cisco has recalled many firewalls this year that need to be replaced)
        • Upgrading firewall and router firmware
        • Age of firewalls and routers– Due for replacement?
      3. Switch upgrades
        • New switches need to match network speed or capacity expansion
        • How old are your switches? Due to be replaced?
      4. Wireless access point upgrades
        • Age of units? Due for replacement?
        • Firmware upgrades
        • Dead spots in your warehouses/distribution centers that need additional wireless capacity?
      5. Telephone system upgrades
        • Migrate from traditional phone system to VOIP?
        • Do you need to start using SIPP lines for voice and fax instead of dedicated lines?
        • Phone system maintenance
      6. Web filtering upgrades
        • Web filtering solution updated with the latest firmware?
        • Age of Web filtering software or hardware. Need to be updated or replaced?
  6. Backup, disaster recovery, and high availability upgrades
    • Recall magnetic tape that’s outside of the retention cycle and destroy
    • Moving from tape backup to disk backup
    • Moving from internal disk backup to off-site backup
    • Adding or improving DR capabilities
      • Initiating or renewing contract with DR providers?
      • Remote site where DR can be performed
    • Adding or improving HA capabilities
      • Purchasing additional machinery for IBM i HA implementation
      • Purchasing HA software
      • Contracting for installing Telcom lines to connect your production site and your hot site
    • Testing backup, DR, and HA
      • Setting up testing on a regular schedule
  7. User equipment upgrades
    • List of PCs/laptops that are ready to be replaced
      • Leases running out?
      • Order or lease replacement PCs and deployment configuration and scheduling
    • List of tablets/cell phones that are eligible to be upgraded
      • Contracts running out?
      • Order or lease replacement tablets cell phones and deploy
    • Printers, copiers, fax machines, and IBM line printers: need to replace due to age, condition, or leases running out
    • Scanners: need to replace stationary, forklift, or handheld scanners due to age or condition?
    • Regular maintenance for user equipment (printers, copiers, faxes, line printers, scanners, etc.)
  8. Communication & documentation
    • Updating telephone, corporate contacts, and other published communications
    • Business shredding and document destruction plans for year