SEA's Corporate Highlights

Established in 1982, SEA (Software Engineering of America) has built a global reputation as a leader in the field of data center software solutions. Currently, we are one of the most successful companies in the Data Center software industry, with solutions used at thousands of installations worldwide (partial user list). Over 10,000 data centers of all sizes and configurations are utilizing one or more of our IBM i or IBM Z software solutions, including 9 of the Fortune 10 as well as 85% of the Fortune 500 Companies. We have thrived since inception, enhancing and strategically expanding our entire product line to meet the dynamic needs of the automated workplace.

For almost 40 years, we have excelled in meeting the needs of various groups and individuals in research, development, and acquisitions. We have achieved this level of success by adhering a commitment to develop and enhance products based upon customer feedback and by backing these software products with around-the-clock technical support that our customers can always count on. In selecting our solutions, users can be confident that our Product Development Teams are continually working to create product enhancements based on user input. To ensure the success and growth of our IBM i and IBM Z Software Solutions we consistently reinvest over 20% of our annual revenues to research and development. This conviction results in robust, user-driven software solutions.

We are continuing to increase market share and strengthen our entire IBM i and IBM Z product line with consistent product enhancements, developments, acquisitions, and overall support. These activities are all geared towards improving the depth of our already impressive product line. These diligent efforts to broaden the scope of our product line have facilitated continued growth in our licensed user base, with products now licensed in over 50 countries.

In spite of continued software industry consolidation and the shrinking number of software choices available, we would like to assure customers of our intent to remain a leading privately-held data software provider in the industry.