Workload Automation Software

Our workload automation software helps you improve the overall efficiency of your batch job operations and maintain consistently high levels of service. By adding our intelligent workload automation to your IBM Z environment, you can:

Raise the Maturity Level of Your Batch Operations

Workload automation puts more sophisticated methods in place, including a consistent set of controls and procedures, to enable best practices and accommodate changing business needs. You'll see improvements in the overall efficiency of your batch operations, enabling mission-critical business processes to be completed on time and error-free.

Ensure High Quality-of-Service Levels

Workload automation enables you to monitor and manage the batch processes more effectively to meet service objectives. You'll see higher levels of availability, along with reductions in slowdowns and disruptions. Maintaining a consistently high level of efficiency enables you to meet your quality-of-service goals and commitments (Service Level Agreements) more efficiently and at the same time provide the best service to your customers.

Cross-Platform Automation Support

Extend Control from the Mainframe to other platforms with our proprietary universal middleware framework. We provide an advanced Middleware Technology that allows our middleware solutions to effortlessly integrate with other Automation Solutions that operate in other dissimilar environments such as Linux, Unix, Windows, and IBM i. This middleware framework provides a universal communication bridge and intelligence that enables any product and application to implement advanced automated solutions, deliver an effective Enterprise Automation Solution and, most importantly, eliminate new product investments and migration efforts.

Maximize Resource Utilization

By automating routine tasks, like Job scheduling and Console management, you can achieve more cost-effective use of IT resources. Intelligent automation reduces the strain on your resources (CPUs, etc.) and enables you to get more out of the resources you have in place without having to add additional resources.

Increase Productivity

Through intelligent workload automation, the overall productivity of IT personnel is raised, and computing resources are used more efficiently. Monitoring and managing business processes that span multiple platforms across the entire IT environment is challenging, and workload automation enables more efficient management of business processes that is extendable across all platforms.

Ease Regulatory Compliance

Establishing consistent controls and procedures enables you to more efficiently manage the information necessary to meet compliance requirements (Sarbanes Oxley, etc.).

Proactively Identify and Correct Problems

Workload automation enables you to analyze, identify, and correct, in advance, failures and slowdowns before your service levels and customers are impacted.

Reduce Operational Costs

Eliminating and correcting inefficiencies in your batch operations, adding quality-improving measures on an ongoing basis, doing more with fewer resources, and minimizing disruptions and downtime all reduce ongoing operational costs. Cost savings also are gained through an efficient migration from a less efficient and more expensive preexisting solution.