Tape Management

What is ZELA?

ZELA operates as a monitoring system for your entire tape environment, giving you complete control over your datasets on tape. ZELA's rule-based system is a robust method for maximizing the use of tape media by consolidating datasets through conflict-free “intelligent” stacking, compression, re-blocking, and media conversions.

ZELA’s tape stacking software can reduce mounts by moving small datasets to DASD using ZELA's tape-to-DASD feature. ZELA will also minimize manual intervention and reduce error potential.

Features of ZELA

Through high-speed copying of datasets, ZELA can relocate data from media within the automated tape library to external tape cartridges, tape reels, DASD, DASD arrays, optical storage devices, remote electronic tape vaults, other robotic facilities, or even back into the original facility for re-consolidation.

The output devices can be local, remote, or in a disaster recovery location. As the data is being copied (logically ejected), datasets can be (optionally) selectively re-blocked, compressed, and stacked. The datasets processed by ZELA and rules defined by the user determines their ultimate destinations.

The architecture of our tape management software ZELA

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  • Flexible File Selection Criteria

    ZELA allows users to select datasets based on name, size, idleness, volume range, application, SMS management class, accounting information, expiration date, creating job name, and more. Once ZELA has completed the process of migrating datasets to other tape media, it will run the last step, which is the update job. This puts back the original job creation information and updates the tape management system database and the z OS catalog. 

  • Pattern Analysis Feature

    ZELA employs an SMF (System Management Facilities) statistical analysis utility to aid users with customization of the control parameters and general dataset filtering patterns. Users can elect to process historic SMF information to validate their ZELA customization. This process will identify any dataset stacking conflicts that could result from user customization including concurrent use, concatenation and datasets opened with a disposition of mod.

    Tape Management - Pattern Analysis Feature

  • Dataset-Level Security

    ZELA’s ZELASAFE dataset security provides dataset and volume-level protection for production application files that are archived for disaster recovery and providing enhanced dataset stacking protection for operations that are catalog controlled, cycle controlled, usage controlled, user-controlled, and more. 

  • Comprehensive Hardware and Media Support

    ZELA fully supports all types of tape cartridges and all other tape media. ZELA also supports hardware such as IBM‘s VTS, STK’s VSM, and all silo and robotic environments, including optical devices. ZELA can interface with all tape management software such as CA-1, CA-TLMS, RMM, Control T, TAPE2000 and ZARA.

    Tape Management - Comprehensive Hardware and Media Support