What is RA/8?

RA/8 automates the labor-intensive process of managing profile connections for RACF. It is an intensively time-consuming task to identify and assign access authority to all the resources that users require—including permissions and profile settings for new employees or the updates that are made when employees change functions within the organization. The RA/8 alleviates this time-consuming task significantly to support the proper allocation of your company's resources.

RA/8 also helps eliminate errors while enhancing security. For example, if a user is in the process of being reassigned within your company, the user will be removed from the present functional groups and be reconnected to new functional groups. This process can be prone to error if done manually and in many instances allows users to have access to resources that should not be available to them. With RA/8, the concern of mismanagement of groups becomes virtually eliminated.

Features of RA/8

For sites that have implemented functional RACF Grouping, RA/8 makes it easy to manage the groups and any connected RACF users. Within the RA/8 online ISPF interface, RACF user-ids can be automatically connected to or removed from defined groups. All activities are easily recorded in SMF, and independent RACF resources are used to ensure data integrity.

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  • ISPF Panel-Driven Interface

    RA/8 provides an ISPF user interface to facilitate selection of Groups and user-ids for easy RACF administration.

  • Standard Processes

    RA/8 Performs all activities on the live RACF database using standard IBM macros and interfaces.