What is RA/7?

RA/7 provides a powerful report writer capability that is severely lacking in RACF for thorough administration. Without RA/7, it is an extremely complex task for RACF administrators to generate reports for Auditors and special research initiatives. RA/7 provides an online ISPF interface as well as a batch control card driven capability to easily select up to 60 different pre-defined reports or even create a custom report as needed.

RA/7 can use active SMF or off-loaded SMF data. The software can also generate multiple reports in a single pass and select only the records that it needs to satisfy the requirements for the selected reports.

Features of RA/7

RA/7 provides an online and a batch interface to select pre-defined reports or define custom reports to be generated from the RACF database. You can choose one of five different report formats and, for custom reports, select the RACF fields to be included in the report. RA/7 report types include Detail reports, Summary reports, and Statistical reports.

The architecture of the mainframe z os RA 7 report writer

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  • Robust Event Code Support

    RA/7 supports over 70 RACF SMF event codes that could be selected for reporting. Multiple Event codes can be selected for reporting in a single pass.

    The GUI of the reporting capabilities within the RA/7 Mainframe reporting software

  • Panel-Driven Report Selection

    RA/7 provides menu-driven ISPF panels to facilitate selection of event codes and fields to be included in the report.

    RA/7 - Panel-Driven Report Selection

  • Multiple Report Formats

    Each of the RA/7 reports can be generated in up to five different report formats depending on layout and data content requirements.