What is RA/2002?

RA/2002 provides all of the features and capabilities of RA/2 but RA/2002 provides for administration of the LIVE RACF database, with MQSeries and DB2 support as opposed to a copy of the RACF database done with RA/2.

RA/2002 simplifies RACF administration by automating recurring tasks and enabling administrators to make complex and comprehensive inquiries in a shorter period of time. For example, the RA/2002 cloning feature reduces the intensive manual work of the administrator by 90%.

RA/2002 simplifies administration of RACF using only standard RACF commands and facilities and by using user-defined command procedures. It operates in both online and batch mode to perform comprehensive cross-referencing for reporting, auditing, and administrative tasks. It allows simple or complex inquiries to RACF information with automatic updating for authorized users. RA/2002 works in conjunction with RACF and does not compromise RACF security.

Features of Ra/2002

RA/2002 provides an online interface to the live RACF database with MQSeries and DB2 support and includes Batch Reporting capabilities. RA/2002 allows users to retrieve and maintain Group, User Dataset, or General resources-related data from the live RACF database. An authorized user can view and change the RACF profiles accordingly.

RA/2002 will analyze RACF SMF (system management facilities) data to identify all violations, warnings, and errors for specified events. RA/2002 simplifies administration for RACF and can also be used for making mass changes and additions to the RACF database

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  • Extensive Analytical Capabilities

    RA/2002 uses powerful analytical capabilities to analyze the RACF Group Tree Structure, resource access via RACF SMF data, and RACF SMF data online, or in batch mode, to identify all violations, warnings and errors for specified events. It locates the access to specific resources to which all users and groups have been assigned, based on all defined access attributes.


  • Automatic Command Generation

    RA/2002 provides menu-driven panels to automatically generate RACF commands like Delete, Change, Clone, etc., automatically, saving time and reducing the risk of error.


  • Comprehensive Reporting Feature

    Create comprehensive reporting using a wide range of filtering criteria on all fields for each report


  • Automated RACF Database Recovery

    RA/2002 provides the capability to generate control cards automatically to recreate the RACF database for recovery situations.

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