Solutions for RACF

Ensuring data security is one of the top concerns for every business, but the explosive growth in data volume and the ongoing drive to satisfy customer demands for that data present significant challenges for today’s data centers. For those businesses using IBM’s RACF security software on the z OS, the complexity and risks in managing thousands of rules and quickly addressing the growing number of audit requirements can be significantly reduced with our RAC Pack z OS Security software.

Our RAC Pack comprises a suite of powerful software products that automate many of the time-consuming, error-prone tasks required to administer the RACF security rules. The following are key benefits of using one or more of our RAC Pack products:

  • Get information quickly for auditors, reducing the overall costs of these audits
  • Reduce security risks by providing extensive auditing and reporting capabilities, and by minimizing the possibility of human error
  • Safeguard your resources by closing inadvertent security loopholes
  • Gain greater control and a higher level of automation for your complex RACF database
  • Maximize administrator productivity by reducing time-consuming tasks to a fraction of their current requirements
  • Increase the speed and accuracy of recovery in the event of a corrupted RACF database