Accelerate to Agility

In business, agility requires the flexibility to respond to customer needs with immediacy and react to competition faster than the speed of markets. Yet the data centers that are the engine of the enterprise are—by design—a highly structured environment where change is inherently complex.

SEA can give you the power to accelerate your ability to meet the service-level demands of the business with a more flexible, efficient data center. SEA offers batch optimization, process automation and output management tools that give you more power to control complexity by reducing the risk of changes and additions to your mainframe processes. Maximize your compute capability and minimize uncertainty with solutions that help you optimize available compute cycles, automate IT tasks and monitor and store the results—with fewer risks, within your budget, using your existing resources.

With SEA solutions, you can more effectively overcome the obstacles to agility, execute jobs faster and more accurately, and recover from errors more quickly, all while remediating risk and reducing cost.

As technology matures, so do the experts you depend on to manage it. Finding and retaining the skills you need to engineer through the complexities of an enterprise data center is a significant hurdle for today’s CIO. SEA’s world-class engineering team can help ensure maximum productivity from your existing resources with expertly crafted tools for IT automation and control of job configuration, workload management, output management and security.

To react with agility to customer and partner demands, it’s critical for your team to have deep and broad visibility to all of the jobs, inputs and outputs, and conditions in the data center. SEA has the tools to help monitor and react to system messages, alerts and exceptions, from anywhere.

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