What is TRMS?

SEA’s TRMS solution manages and automates all the key processes involved in viewing, distributing, archiving, and printing reports in the IBM z/OS enterprise mainframe environment. A key feature is the ability to view reports online rather than printing hard copy. Savings from online viewing and efficient report management can be considerable, including paper costs, printer overhead, and eliminating the need for physically distributing paper reports.

The data residing on enterprise mainframes is used to generate and circulate reports to various business units—such as accounting, finance, claims, upper management, etc. TRMS provides accurate and secure display, archival, and distribution of your mainframe data in a timely manner, ensuring real dollar savings in paper costs, printer overhead, and by eliminating the need for physically distributing hard copy reports.

Features of TRMS

TRMS works with the z/OS operating system using the job entry subsystem (JES2 or JES3). It is a non-intrusive system that requires no hooks, services, or operating system modifications. The TRMS program uses system resources optimally to improve I/O operations, memory, and CPU consumption. TRMS requires a started task to receive reports sent to designated system output (SYSOUT) classes. Utilities are included to assist in the installation.

TRMS’ sophisticated architecture supports multiple databases, leverages middleware to access reports from distributed platforms, and provides a multi-threaded processing for report accumulation, viewing, printing and archiving.

Features of TRMS

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  • Online Report Viewing

    Allowing users to view reports online is a key feature of TRMS. Reports can be viewed via standard mainframe interfaces (TSO/ISPF, VTAM and CICS) or through popular Internet browsers. The browser interface is feature-rich and simple to use. Through its menus users can scroll directly to a desired page, change the number of pages displayed at a time, scroll forward and back, or load an entire report into the browser.

    Additional menus allow for switching between HTML and PDF view formats and the ability to zoom in or out of the page to fit the report to a window as desired. Search tools enable users to find any text string within a report.

    Reports can be downloaded to local workstations or servers in multiple document formats, including Excel, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, HTML, and Text. A “Download Report” button presents choices for the desired file format and particular pages to download. Sticky notes can be placed on almost every panel or report. Notes may be made public or private and can also be viewed by an access list.


  • Flexible Report Distribution

    TRMS offers a rich and flexible report distribution capability, including automatic collation and bundling, user-defined rules to generate reports on regular cycles, as well as report grouping and distribution that are triggered automatically or manually. E-mail notification can be easily set up for report distributions.

    Reports can be grouped by department or location, and can include detailed banner pages. Indexes based on internal report data or metadata also can be generated and included.


  • Advanced Archive Browse

    An “Archive Browse” feature allows users to easily view archived reports directly from tape, optical drives, or DASD without the need to restore the report to the database.

    For tape archiving, TRMS interfaces with any tape management system and supports multi-level archival and tape stacking. The TRMS archive administrative interface is user friendly, with intuitive panels for Triggers, Reports, Report Distribution, Distribution Tracking, and Archive History functions.

  • Full Printer Function Support

    TRMS provides full printer function support, including AFP (IBM) and DJDE (XEROX).

  • Comprehensive Administration Controls

    TRMS has flexible and comprehensive administration controls that make it simple to define and configure reports, viewing, bundling, distribution and archiving requirements. The admin system includes a comprehensive reporting facility that enables the formatted presentation of information stored on the TRMS database and on reports processed by TRMS.


  • Robust Security Options

    TRMS interfaces with all popular security systems, including RACF, Top Secret, and ACF2. TRMS also provides multiple levels of internal security for maximum report data protection.

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