What is $AVRS?

$AVRS is the system output (SYSOUT) log retrieval and viewing component of SEA’s Output Management Solution designed to significantly reduce the personnel and system resources required to handle the archival and audit requirements of mainframe Job logs. Optimizing the processes and administration of mainframe Job logs can yield significant benefits in time, resources, and money saved.

Using compression, self-optimization, and other efficiency boosting techniques, $AVRS completely automates the accumulation, viewing, archiving and retrieval of critical Job Entry Subsystem (JES) output—including JCL, SYSOUT, Sys Log, and Job Log. $AVRS will save an installation up to 90% of the human and machine resources allocated for these tasks.

Features of $AVRS

$AVRS works with the z/OS operating system using JES2 or JES3. It is a non-intrusive based system and requires no hooks or system initial program load (IPL). The program uses system resources optimally to improve I/O operations, memory, and CPU consumption. $AVRS requires a started task to receive reports sent to designated system output (SYSOUT) classes.

$AVRS runs as an external writer and is treated by the Job entry subsystem (JES) as if it were a printer. It is JES-transparent, and JES will give output to $AVRS based on class. Up to 8 accumulation classes can be defined in $AVRS.

Features of $AVRS

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  • Efficient Resource Utilization

    $AVRS works to ensure the most efficient use of your mainframe DASD space. Key features include:

    • self-optimizing database
    • dynamic space reuse
    • data compression
    • automated archive/purge
    • flexible archive history retention
    • multi-level archive grouping
    • automated file stacking, and more

    The $AVRS database has extended capabilities that support up to 1 TB of information online. The $AVRS archive facility allows users to assign work to specific archive files, and up to 94 separate archive files may be created in a single archive.


  • Flexible Security

    $AVRS interfaces with external security systems such as RACF, ACF2 and TOP-SECRET in addition to having its own internal security.

  • Full Printer Function Support

    $AVRS provides full printer function support, including AFP (IBM) and DJDE (XEROX).

  • Multi-Platform Log Support

    SEA advanced middleware technology provides a bridge to integrate other platform system logs into the $AVRS platform.


  • Comprehensive Administration Controls

    $AVRS has flexible and comprehensive administration controls that reduce human intervention required to review failed Jobs, JCL errors and other log message output. The admin system includes a comprehensive reporting facility that enables the formatted presentation of information stored on the product's database and on Jobs processed by the product.

  • Robust User Interface

    $AVRS enables online viewing of Job log output via standard IBM screen interfaces, and allows users to browse and annotate all output, as well as produce reports summarizing executed Jobs, JCL errors, and other system and user elements.

  • Archive Functions

    The archive facility includes multiple archive levels. This allows an installation to designate

    the work be placed on a particular archive file. Duplexing of archive levels is also available


  • Annotation Feature

    The Annotation and Acknowledgment Feature allows users to add commentary and other information to be associated with a job's output, and to specify an acknowledgment code which is listed as part of each job's directory entry.


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