Output & Report Management

Generating reports from mainframe data is an integral part of an organization’s business operations, and your business can benefit from tools that help you manage and speed up the report creation and distribution process more efficiently. We provide complete automation and management software for viewing, archiving, distributing, and printing your organization’s reports.

The benefits delivered by our output automation management software include:

Complete Report and Output Management

Our output management solutions offer both the capabilities to archive, view and distribute your mainframe reports for business users as well as your mainframe Syslog and JES output for operations management. Our best of breed solutions for Mainframe output management are amongst the most widely used in the industry.

Greater Flexibility and Functionality

Our output automation software enables more granular levels of reporting and more security controls over who can see reports and portions of reports. Our solutions are also more flexible and functional, enabling you to adapt to changing requirements, accommodate new devices, and leverage more options in the way information is presented and viewed.

Higher Levels of Security

With our output automation solutions, you'll find a complete level of control over who can see particular reports and portions of reports. A higher degree of internal security, as well as integration with external security systems like RACF, provides higher levels of security than competing products can offer.

Online Viewing

Many customers welcome the ability to view and share logs and reports online rather than having to print and manually distribute large volumes of paper. The cost savings in eliminating the need to print and store large quantities of paper can be considerable, and viewing reports online provides the benefits of ease-of-use, time-saving, storage optimization, and productivity. Our output automation solutions also allow you to digitally archive and see reports digitally via standard mainframe terminal screens or a browser, while also supporting traditional archiving and printing options.