JCLplus Remote Plugin
for IDz

Eclipse-based plugin to enable seamless access to JCLplus+ on z OS from an IDE desktop workspace such as IBM’s IDz.

What is JCLplus+Remote Plug-in for IDz

In a Service Oriented Architecture, IDz can be deployed to request and receive JCL Management Services entirely from within the IDz desktop environment. This new framework empowers TSO developers and simplifies maintenance and support tasks.

The JCLplus+Remote Plug-in for IDz extends the functionality of its JCL Validation and Runtime simulation to the IDz development environment. This plug-in is designed using our proprietary middleware technology.

Features of JCLplus+Remote Plug-in for IDz

  • JCL Syntax check and runtime simulation from IDz
  • LPex editor or others
  • Verification of production JCL standards
  • Multiple LPAR JCL Simulation
  • Color-coded error messages and filters display
  • Integration with other IDz components such as a Change Control Management System

JCL syntax validation and run-time simulation within the IDz development environment

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  • JCL Syntax Check and Run-time Simulation

    The JCLplus+Remote Plug-in for IDz uses our robust middleware technology to allow you to efficiently manage JCL by sending it to the designated z OS LPAR to be validated by JCLplus+. JCLplus+ performs a thorough run-time simulation of the JCL and returns the results to the IDz plug-in to be displayed within the IDz Eclipse environment.

    JCL syntax validation done through IDz using Software engineering of america's middleware technology

  • Multiple LPAR JCL Simulation

    The JCLplus+Remote Plug-in for IDz allows the IDz user to specify which z OS LPAR to target for the requested JCLplus+ validation service.

    JCLplus Remote Plugin <br/> for IDz - Multiple LPAR JCL Simulation

  • Color Coded Error Messages and Filters Display

    When the JCLplus+Remote Plug-in for IDz displays the scan results within the Eclipse GUI, the error messages, warnings, and informational messages are all color-coded for easy identification and navigation.

    Error messages displayed within the Eclipse GUI