JCLplus+ Remote

What is JCLplus+ Remote?

Today’s data center is an increasingly complex environment. Most sites run multiple z/OS images: one for development, another for testing new software, and one or more production images. In many cases, production JCL that can run on any number of images is kept in a central repository on a single image. While it is no longer sufficient to validate JCL solely on the machine on which the JCL resides, it can be complicated and costly to validate JCL in all the environments manually it will run.

JCLplus+ Remote provides a powerful and extremely flexible proprietary middleware communication method that enables JCL to be sent from a source image to a target image for JCLplus+ validation there, and then have the results returned to the source image. This process functions in either online or batch modes and can be triggered from any modern IDE like IBM IDz, Compuware Topaz, Microfocus Enterprise Developer, and others.

Features of JCLplus+ Remote

JCLplus+ Remote simplifies the management of JCL in complex environments. It allows JCL that resides in one environment to be validated in one or more remote environments. With JCLplus+ Remote you can, for example, easily validate the JOBs and PROCs in the production environment from the development environment.

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  • Flexible Operation

    • A single JOB
    • Multiple JOBs
    • One or more JOBs and include local PROCs and control card members used by the JOBs
    • Individual PROCs
    • Multiple PROCs
    • One or more PROCs using one or more JOBs that already exist on the remote system.

    The flexible operation of JCLplus remote allows for seamless jcl management

  • Integration with Source Control Management (SCM)

    JCLplus+ Remote integrates easily with change management procedures to ensure that JCL and PROCs being returned to a production environment will work appropriately in the production environment.

    JCLplus+ Remote - Integration with Source Control Management (SCM)

  • Secure Operation

    Access to all JCLplus+ Remote features and operations can be controlled and restricted at the user level. All inter-component communications can be encrypted. Nine levels of encryption are supported. Also, all data transfers can be compressed to conserve bandwidth within the JCL management process.