JCL Management Software

Without your JCL, your business does not operate. Ensuring your JCL assets are effectively enabling IT Service Delivery is the goal of JCL management. Making sure that your JCL is error free, conforms to in-house standards, and allows for easy maintenance is an ongoing process. In today’s digital economy, with shrinking production windows and multi-platform IT Services there’s little, if any, room for errors in production batch cycles or for unnecessary time lost that impacts Agile development disciplines.

SEA’s plus+Pack suite comprises a complete orchestration solution, covering all aspects of JCL Management to achieve a higher level of automation and improve overall quality. plus+Pack thoroughly validates and run-time simulates JCL, automates the enforcement of site standards, and automates changes to JCL. In addition, plus+Pack collects and relates data of batch jobs and other sources to identify which components will be affected by a change, and to fully document the entire batch environment. Following are key benefits of using one or more of SEA’s plus+Pack products in the batch process:

  • Highest quality JCL in production to eliminate failures and optimize batch processes
  • Accelerated and improved quality of JCL lifecycle process
  • Greater degree of efficiency in the testing environment
  • More productive IT personnel through appropriate automation
  • Provides metrics to support continuous improvement initiatives