The JCL Lifecycle Assessment

What is the JCL Lifecycle Assessment

Software Engineering of America developed this assessment to provide an in-depth look into the processes and degree of automation within the JCL and Batch aspects of your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). This assessment comes at no cost, and after the assessment is completed and the reports are available, an SEA Mainframe Expert will review your results with you through a live web conference. This way, you fully understand the results and receive input on how to improve performance across your Lifecycle.

Features of The JCL Lifecycle Assessment

The JCL Lifecycle Assessment focuses on 3 key objectives. The fist is reducing redundant job processing and recovery costs associated with restarts due to JCL problems. Second, to solve production problems faster through increased automation. Finally, to meet increasingly demanding service delivery requirements.

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  • Improve Performance

    The JCL Lifecycle Assessment identifies areas within your JCL Lifecycle that can be improved for better performance. After generating a full assessment report, an SEA Mainframe Expert will review your results and pinpoint exactly where your JCL Lifecycle is not optimized.  The JCL Lifecycle Assessment will also identify areas of your environment where you can more proactively eliminate defects.

    The JCL Lifecycle Assessment

  • Automate Processes

    The JCL Lifecycle Assessment gives you the insight you need to identify areas for automation, and take the appropriate next steps to streamline processes, reducing manual, repetitive work. Taking the appropriate next steps for automation, improves the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization, improving the overall performance and in effect, reducing costs. 

    The JCL Lifecycle Assessment

  • Integrate with Your DevOps Approach

    The JCL Lifecycle Assessment is the first step in implementing a more agile development environment for “systems of record” on your Mainframe platform. Taking the necessary steps in enabling your Mainframe to operate effectively and efficiently, gives your developers the necessary tools to understand applications, identify and correct problems as early as possible in the development process. 

    The JCL Lifecycle Assessment

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