XREFplus+ DBr

What is XREFplus+DBr?

XREFplus+DBr is a powerful software for the mainframe (IBM Z) that enables you to comprehensively determine how your installation’s batch Jobs are using datasets, Jobs, Procs, programs, DB2 info, and scheduling components. It not only gives you a complete overview of the interrelationships of your JCL, applications, and datasets, but the open database architecture allows you to integrate other data with the data collected by XREFplus+DBr easily.

Features of XREFplus+DBr

XREFplus+DBr creates a DB2 database of the most critical components of your batch job processes, including Jobs, Procs, programs, dynamically allocated datasets, DB2 Catalog Info, SMF History, and scheduling components. You can access the database through either ISPF or web browser.

Retrieving the information you need is accomplished quickly and with considerable flexibility. The XREFplus+DBr web UI allows you to formulate queries that retrieve the data you require immediately.

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  • Data Collection and DB2 Database Load

    The collection and loading of data for the XREFplus+DBr repository is exceptionally efficient. The data collections for JCL, DB2 Catalog Info, SMF History, etc., are run asynchronously and can be run in parallel. The DB2 database load process uses standard DB2 utilities to load the data from the collection step(s).

  • Extendable, Customizable Interface

    The XREFplus+DBr web interface can be easily extended and customized to incorporate data related to your unique environment. The XREFplus+DBr DB2 table definitions are thoroughly documented. Our unique Report Definition facility allows you to add custom presentation formats to meet your needs.

    XREFplus+ DBr - Extendable, Customizable Interface

  • Secure Customizable Access

    Access to the features and functionality of the XREFplus+DBr interface can be easily controlled and restricted. Each user can have an individualized view of the product and the functions that are associated with their role and goals.

  • Dynamic Environments & Change Management Integration

    XREFplus+DBr supports incremental updates. The update process can easily be integrated into your JCL promotion process to ensure that the database is up-to-date. Besides, all information is not necessarily reflected in the Job Control Language. As Jobs execute, they may for example, dynamically allocate datasets or dynamically load programs. XREFplus+DBr captures SMF Job History and automatically relates the data to the static JCL database, ensuring that you always have a complete view of your batch processes.

  • Powerful Research Tool

    • Text and Graphical Data Presentation
    • Ability to Trace Data Flow
    • Robust Drill-Down Capabilities
    • Integrates Dynamic File and Program Info

    XREFplus+ DBr - Powerful Research Tool

    XREFplus+ DBr - Powerful Research Tool