What is JCLplus+?

Finding and correcting JCL Syntax and runtime errors is your huge part of successful JCL management. All it takes is a tiny syntax error, absent dataset, or an unforseen security violation to waste hours of lost production time. JCLplus+ stops these errors from occuring by equipting you with the most comprehensive JCL management software and runtime simulation on the market.

Features of JCLPlus+

JCLplus+ rigorously validates JCL syntax, automates the process of enforcing of site standards as well as any changes made to JCL. JCLplus+ is designed to facilitate quick and precise JCL syntax checking. The software is packed with streamlined, hyperefficient for automation and cross-platform tasks.

The architecture of JCLplus, our batch optimization software

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  • The Most Thorough JCL Syntax Checking and Run-time Validation

    • Compatible with all z OS keywords
    • Resolves all symbolics
    • Expands PROCS and INCLUDE groups
    • Detects common allocation errors
    • Supports custom-defined rules for standards enforcement
    • Integrate with all conventional data center software utilities
    • Leading edge integration/emulation of scheduling symbolics/directives
    • Thorough validation of Sort parameters

    JCL syntax checking and run-time validation optimizes your batch processing quickly

  • JCL Formatting

    Having consise and dependable JCL is essential in order to catch any errors and omissions that can be disasterous if left unchecked. Properly formed JCL also allows you to make sense of your JOBs and PROCs at a glance, which in turn, boosts output speeds and accuracy. JCLplus+ automatically organizes your JCL to your own stipuations. An entire library of JCL can be quickly and effortlessly reprogrammed, cutting down on hours of unreliable hand coding.

  • JCL Standards Enforcement

    Tightly enforced standards in JCL coding standards, naming conventions, and resource utilization increase productivity by improving reliability, reducing outages and protecting investments made in JCL optimization projects. JCLplus+ facilitates defining and enforcing JCL standards with its intuitive rules language. Standards enforcement rules can also be written in REXX, COBOL, or Assembler. With proper implementation violations of in-house standards can virtually be eliminated.

    JCLplus+ - JCL Standards Enforcement

  • JCL Changes and Refurbishment

    In the dynamic environment of an enterprise data center, being able to respond quickly and effectively to change is critical. New operating systems, additional devices, software updates and merged environments due to corporate acquisitions are just some of the factors that necessitate JCL modifications. JCLplus+ facilitates making these updates to your JCL across the entire enterprise. It not only ensures that changes and mods are applied correctly, it also optionally validates the accuracy of these updates all in a single operation.

  • Resolution of Scheduling Variables

    To meet critical batch window requirements, modern data centers employ job schedulers that often add yet another level of complexity to JCL management. Systems like TWS/z, Control-M, ESP, Zeke, CA-7 and others allow your JCL to contain intricate strings of proprietary or non-standard variables and directives that are typically resolved at job submission time. JCLplus+ supports a wide range of these systems. By resolving job scheduler symbolics and directives before syntax checking and validation, JCLplus+ not only detects improperly specified variables and directives, it also ensures that the JCL is error-free and meets your requirements.

    the variable scheduling feature of jclplus allows for easy and simple batch process optimization

  • Flexible Modes of Operation

    • Runs as an ISPF Edit macro, as well as batch
    • Intuitive TSO/ISPF panels
    • Multiple exit points for maximum flexibility
    • Easily interfaced to SCM processes to improve process automation
    • IDE-ready with Eclipse plug-In

    JCLplus+ - Flexible Modes of Operation

    JCLplus+ - Flexible Modes of Operation

  • Reporting and Metrics

    All of the well-known Best Practices Frameworks including ITIL, CMMI, Six Sigma stress the importance of reporting and metrics in managing process maturity. JCLplus+ embraces this requirement by providing automated creation, collection and reporting of JCL metrics to manage process maturity and validate investments made in your JCL products and Best Practices.

    the variable scheduling feature of jclplus allows for easy and simple batch process optimization