Mainframe Batch Optimization Software

Our batch management software for IBM Z helps you improve the overall efficiency of your batch operations and maintain consistently high levels of service. By adding our intelligent batch management automation to your System Z environment, enterprises can:

  • Raise the Maturity Level of Batch Operations— Applying batch automation establishes a consistent set of controls and procedures that improve the overall efficiency of your batch operations.
  • Ensure High Quality-of-Service Levels— Maintaining a consistently high level of efficiency enables you to efficiently meet your quality-of-service goals and commitments (Service Level Agreements, or SLAs) and provide the best service to your customers.
  • Ease Regulatory Compliance— Establishing consistent controls and procedures enables you to meet compliance requirements (Sarbanes Oxley, etc.) more efficiently.
  • Maximize Resource Utilization– Intelligent automation reduces the strain on your resources (CPUs, etc.) and enables you to get more out of the resources you have in place without having to add additional resources.
  • Facilitate Change Management— Mainframe environments are in continual flux. Automating the change process enables you to enforce standards, including coding standards, so that any application changes consistently conform to levels you set to meet quality-of-service goals.
  • Ensure Knowledge Transfer— Automation provides application models that give you confidence that you have the resources and knowledge about your IT environment in place. Changes in personnel or business conditions will not compromise your applications and batch environment.
  • Reduce Operational Costs— By eliminating and correcting inefficiencies in your batch operations and adding quality-improving measures on an ongoing basis, you'll maximize the use of batch operation resources while mitigating the need to add resources. You'll also benefit by minimizing disruptions and downtime all of which will reduce ongoing operational costs.