SAVRS Plugin for IDz

What is SAVRS Plugin for IDz

IBM Developer for System z (IDz) is the IBM z OS Eclipse-based software development (IDE). Its main purpose is to streamline the Mainframe DevOps process into a structured and modern GUI (Eclipse-based) tool. In a Service Oriented Architecture IDz can be deployed to request and receive SAVRS Joblog and SYSOUT Viewing Service entirely within the IDz desktop environment. This new framework empowers TSO developers to optimize their Mainframe DevOps and simplifies maintenance while supporting tasks.

Features of SAVRS Plugin for IDz

  • View Job log and SYSOUT output from within a GUI Eclipse environment within the IDz desktop (or any other Eclipse-based IDE)
  • View output from any SAVRS catalogs on z OS that you are authorized to view
  • Job filtering by Job Name, Date/Time, etc. is available from within the plug-in screen
  • JCL editing and Resubmit is available from within the plugin screen
  • Easy download and install of the plug-in on the desktop IDz client
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  • Viewing Joblog and SYSOUT from within the IDz Eclipse environment

    When the user selects from the list of available DD’s for the Job, the SAVRS plugin for IDz retrieves the selected DD content from the SAVRS z OS catalog and displays it within the Eclipse window. All descriptive information about the Job such as Run Date, Time, Completion Codes, Line Counts, and more is available through the SAVRS plugin for IDz.

    Job viewing from our SAVRS Mainframe DevOps software product within the IDz Eclipe interface

  • Job Filtering Capability

    A full list of Job filtering criteria, such as Job name (with wildcarding) or Date Range, is available to help you limit the list to the Jobs that are important to you.

    SAVRS Plugin for IDz - Job Filtering Capability

  • Edit and Resubmit the JCL list

    You can choose to edit the JCL listing for the Job and even resubmit the corrected JCL to z OS from within the SAVRS plugin.

    Editing JCL lists easily for Mainframe DevOps optimization within SAVRS