What is PDSfast?

PDSFAST is the ultra-high-speed, JCL-transparent PDS management tool, which replaces IBMs IEBCOPY utility and the ISPF copy facility. PDSFAST copies and compresses PDSs 10 to 100 times faster than IEBCOPY, resulting in significant savings in time, resources, and money. IT organizations worldwide use fastPack products to improve data center performance. Regardless of your installation's size or configuration, PDSFAST transparently delivers immediate system-wide improvements to the many critical areas affected by PDS reorganization and backup.

Features of PDSFAST

PDSFAST is the most comprehensive and cost-effective PDS management tool for IBM's z OS environment. PDSFAST can save from 50% to 90% of the time and resources used by IBM’s IEBCOPY utility. Most of these savings are derived from the thousands of times a day that OEM DASD management products such as DFDSS, HSM, and SMP/E dynamically invoke IEBCOPY. Also, PDSFAST provides extended functionality for PDS management with features for archiving of unused members, automatic space reuse, the control of access to selected members and data sets, the recording of accesses and updates to members chosen in SMF and the automatic updating of LLA.

This diagram shows how much CPU utilization can be saved through PDSfast, our mainframe PDS management software

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  • Speed, Efficiency and Ease of Use

    PDSFAST can compress, copy, unload and reload PDS data sets 10 to 100 times faster than IEBCOPY, without any JCL changes. The PDSFAST ISPF interface provides interactive access to the productivity features supported by PDSFAST.

    The interface of PDSFAST that allows for easy PDS compression and mainframe PDS management

  • Automation Features

    The Auto Facility automates many common DASD/data management functions, thus relieving DASD managers and end users from time-consuming, repetitive and error-prone tasks. By preventing unnecessary job reruns, it also increases productivity. In addition, the Auto Facility augments basic PDS functionality through features such as:

    • Automatic compression of datasets
    • Automatic allocation of secondary extents
    • Automatic resizing of the output directory when the directory is too small
    • Automatic re-blocking when copying a load library to an output dataset with a different block size.

    PDSfast   - Automation Features

  • Member Access and Audit Control

    PDSFAST’s usage monitoring facilities allow an installation to track the "who, how and when" of member accesses. This capability can be used to improve system performance, chargeback access to members (for vendor products) and maintain an audit trail of member references. PDSFAST can also control accesses and updates to selected members and data sets, providing a level of security not ordinarily available. As part of this control facility, PDSFAST can optionally record in SMF, access and update information, as well as whether the access was permitted or denied, or it can issue a WTO to the operator's console. In addition, PDSFAST can ensure immediate accessibility and data integrity for updated and newly added members of data sets managed by the Library Lookaside facility (LLA).

  • Space REUSE

    Like a compress-on-the-fly, it reduces wastage and the need for an actual compress.

  • Comprehensive Diagnostics

    As an error-recovery tool, PDSFAST reports conditions that IEBCOPY does not; such as invalid TTR pointers, incorrectly formatted data blocks, invalid DEBs or DSCBs and I/O errors. Extensive internal and external error checking detects and prevents errors before they become production problems. Comprehensive diagnostics help avoid costly disasters by identifying bad data sets passed over by IEBCOPY and other utilities, improving data reliability and programmer productivity.