What is fastVSAM?

fastVSAM is a high-speed, JCL-transparent VSAM Copy Facility with Backup/Restore capability. fastVSAM transparently replaces IDCAMS REPRO, EXPORT and IMPORT commands, and reduces the time and resources required for VSAM copy and Export/Import procedures by 50% or more. IT organizations worldwide use fastPack products to improve data center performance. Regardless of your installation's size or configuration, fastVSAM transparently delivers immediate system-wide improvements for every installation that uses VSAM.

Features of fastVSAM

fastVSAM reduces the time and resources necessary for VSAM copy, backup, and restore procedures by more than 50%. Its highly efficient Backup and Restore Facility manages all file components as a single unit across multiple volumes and clusters. High-speed logic and command flexibility save fastVSAM users time and money during VSAM management and maintenance tasks. The larger the data set, the higher the savings. fastVSAM is compatible with SMP, SMP/E, DFDSS, SMS, and RACF. fastVSAM installs in minutes, requires no JCL changes and supports all VSAM formats.

The image shows how fastVSAM optimizes for cpu utilization and saves resources within mainframe dasd management

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  • Speed, Efficiency and Ease of Use

    fastVSAM uses its proprietary high-speed logic to deliver considerable savings during peak hours when RESTORE requests most commonly occur. It increases throughput by 50% or more and reduces elapsed time by up to 70%. fastVSAM reduces CPU time by 65% or more and can cut EXCP counts by up to 95%. fastVSAM can quickly copy a cluster, which speeds up the job of system and data management. With clusters being replicated at a rapid pace backups are done faster, and the data will be available to users sooner.  

  • Comprehensive Backup

    fastVSAM coordinates related components to efficiently backup all data and associated cluster information. This includes alternate indexes, data, path, and catalog information. You'll have the power to:

    • Backup data and catalog information from one or more VSAM clusters to a sequential file.
    • Automatically compress dead space by backing up only the active data, not the control overhead.
    • Backup and restore clusters residing on multiple volumes.
  • Flexibility and Convenience

    With fastVSAM, you can backup entire clusters, restore to different volumes, easily alter any cluster attribute and automatically reorganize control intervals and extents. For every backup and restore, fastVSAM automatically includes all cluster information.

  • JCL Transparency

    fastVSAM can be installed as a replacement for IDCAMS because it uses the same command language and syntax. All existing JCL and CLISTS will take advantage of the improvements fastVSAM offers, with no modifications.

    • No JCL changes
    • Repro, Export/Import Replacement (JCL-transparent)
  • Powerful Restore

    With fastVSAM, you can select files to restore by name, volume, and catalog of origin. fastVSAM restores all clusters and components, including key ranges, CI size, and primary/ secondary space allocations.

    • Redefines the catalog information and then copies the data to the cluster.
    • Data is automatically reorganized by RESTORE, eliminating any CI or CA splits.
    • Restore to original or user-specified volume(s).
    • Delete existing clusters and redefine restored clusters automatically.