What is fastGENR?

fastGENR is an ultra-high-speed utility that replaces IBM's IEBGENER in z OS environments. fastGENR copies sequential data sets and members of partitioned data sets, generally 50% to 90% faster than IEBGENER, saving CPU, SRB, EXCP and elapsed times. fastGENR is designed to gain control in place of the standard IEBGENER utility and emulate, but at a much higher speed, the function of the original utility.

Features of fastGENR

Designed to intercept and process all standard calls to IEBGENER, fastGENR goes beyond the capabilities of the IEBGENER utility, offering system-wide performance enhancements. The larger the data set, the larger the savings you can obtain by using fastGENR. However, regardless of data set size, fastGENR offers added value through its useful diagnostic information, expanded printout, and enhanced copy features that significantly improve data reliability and programmer productivity.

A look into how much CPU utilization can be saved through fastGENR

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  • Multiple Input / Output Operation

    In addition to handling all standard IEBGENER copy operations at high speed, fastGENR supports a multiple I/O facility that can copy many input files to a single output file or a single input file to multiple output files. It can perform both types of operations with almost any number of files in the same execution.

  • Elimination of Concatenated Data Set Order Restrictions

    In copying concatenated disk data sets to a sequential file, fastGENR does not require that the large block size data sets be specified first. The multi-I/O facility provides an alternate way to perform the same type of copy operation. This unrestricted method may even be faster than standard copy mode for files that are a combination of disk and JES data sets. fastGENR allows user control of short block processing of concatenated data sets.

  • Unlike Data Set Copy Facility

    Data sets with unlike DCB characteristics, such as LRECL or RECFM, can now be copied to one another with fastGENR performing the data conversion without using exits or special user routines. Combined with the multi-I/O facility, data from many different sources can now be normalized to one standard output file.

  • JCL Transparency

    fastGENR can be installed as a replacement for IEBGENER because it uses the same command language and syntax. All existing JCL and CLISTS will take advantage of the improvements fastGENR offers, with no modifications. 

  • Enhanced Diagnostic Report

    fastGENR provides more processing and diagnostic information than IEBGENER, which will aid in problem resolution. Statistics and date formats can be tailored to U.S. or European specifications. fastGENR messages have been carefully selected and formatted to provide you with all the pertinent information about the operation requested, including data set names, VOLSERs, blocks, record and byte counts, disk space overhead, track, extent and volume totals, and DCB attributes. Users can specify which message classes they want.