DASD Management Software

Our Mainframe Direct-access storage device (DASD) management software is helping data centers throughout the world to drastically reduce batch elapsed time and the DASD resources used by mission-critical applications. Our fastPack software comprises a suite of DASD management software products each of which delivers a rapid return on investment (ROI) and helps eliminate hidden costs by implementing advanced tuning strategies. The following are key benefits of using one or more of our fastPack products in the batch process:

  • Obtain 100% JCL-transparent, rapid acceleration of IBM utility products such as IEBCOPY, IEBGENER, and IDCAMS.
  • Save Disk Space and improve Dataset Management for Sequential, Partitioned and VSAM datasets.
  • Enhance the security and improve auditing for usage of individual Partitioned Dataset members.
  • Reduce the risk of production failures caused by unavailable dataset space.
  • Automate many of the manual housekeeping tasks required for DASD management.