Self Service Password Reset

What is iSecurity Password Reset?

iSecurity Password Reset automates the resetting of end-users password for Power Systems including AS/400, iSeries, and System i, in which the process can support 2 factor authentication while providing self-reliant features and functions.


  • Reduces the number of calls the administrator would receive for enablement of disabled users since capability is always available
  • More productive and efficient way to manage End-Users password handling and generation
  • Assures that secure method of password usage is being utilized with Reset classes
  • Multi-system support

Features of iSecurity Password Reset

iSecurity Password Reset is simple to use tool which enables a self-authentication process which can be completely automated and administered by all relevant personnel: users, system administrators, and help desk staff.  It allows an enterprise to introduce first time use of a straightforward password control mechanism into the organization with minimum overhead, while ensuring that a user's password is not known to anyone except the user.

After a user creates a password profile for self-authentication, which can be edited at any time, the user can reset the password alone or request assistance from the help desk. In the event that a user has forgotten a password when trying to login, the user simply enters FORGOT in the User field and PASSWORD in the Password field. This triggers the self-authentication process that the user set up in advance - personal questions and responses that are also case sensitive.

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  • Always Available

    iSecurity Password Reset is always available for your users, even during nonstandard working hours (late nights, weekends, and so on).

    Self Service Password Reset

  • Random Password Generation with 2 Factor Authentication

    iSecurity Password Reset allows the passwords that are generated to comply with your organization’s password policy with support for 2 Factor authentication.

    Self Service Password Reset

  • Password Reset Classes

    iSecurity Password Reset classes allow you to have different verification policies for different groups of users.

    Self Service Password Reset

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