Self Service Password Reset

What is iSecurity Password Reset?

iSecurity Password Reset automates IBM i user password resets.  Its self-service password reset (SSPR) capabilities allow users to securely reset locked, expired and non-expired passwords from multiple interfaces without help desk or administrator involvement.   


  • Reduces Help Desk password reset requests by more than 90%
  • Always available 24x7x365 automated system. Users never have to wait for an administrator to call or email back for password resets.
  • Satisfies multi-factor authentication (MFA) requirements by using two-factor authentication
  • Self-guided or assisted authentication process using user’s preferred interface: 5250, Web UI or direct Help Desk contact
  • Identity verification policies can be tailored for different users, providing flexibility for different needs

Features of iSecurity Password Reset

iSecurity Password Reset provides self-service IBM i password resets and changes. Password Reset provides an easy-to-use automated password control mechanism that has minimal overhead and ensures that user passwords are never exposed to anyone except the user.

Using a self-administered process, each user creates a password profile for self-authentication. The profile contains user-selected personal questions and their responses, as well as their email address or cell phone number for receiving verification codes. Users can update their password profiles at any time.

When a user needs to reset or change their IBM i password, they verify their identity and change their password by answering challenge questions, entering a verification code and (optionally) answering their personal questions. Automated password resets can occur via a 5250 session or a Web UI.

If the user has problems using the automated system, they can request Help Desk assistance. The Help Desk can walk them through the password change process.

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  • Always Available

    iSecurity Password Reset is always available (24x7x365) for your users, even during nonstandard working hours (after hours, weekends, holidays).

    Our IBM i/AS400 password management software allows you to reset your password at any time

  • Satisfies Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) requirements

    iSecurity Password Reset uses two-factor authentication (2FA) when allowing self-service password resets, requiring users to verify their identity using two evidence factors. 2FA is a subset of multi-factor authentication (MFA). It can satisfy MFA requirements (at least 2 out of 3 evidence factors presented) for most audit, legal, regulatory and government specifications.

    Self Service Password Reset - Satisfies Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) requirements

  • Self-guided or assisted authentication and reset process using user’s preferred interface

    Users can reset their passwords using multiple interfaces: 5250, Web UI or direct contact with Help Desk personnel.

    Self Service Password Reset - Self-guided or assisted authentication and reset process using user’s preferred interface

  • Random Password Generation with Two-Factor Authentication

    iSecurity Password Reset allows the temporary passwords that are generated to comply with your organization’s password policy with support for Two-Factor Authentication.

    Comply with your company's password policy with ease by using our password reset software solution

  • Password Reset Classes

    iSecurity Password Reset classes allow you to use different verification policies for different groups of users.

    Place different verification policies depending on the users with our IBM i/AS400 password management software