Emergency User Authority Provisioning & Reporting

What is iSecurity Authority on Demand?

iSecurity Authority on Demand provides an advanced solution for emergency access to critical application data and processes, which is one of the most common security slips identifiable to auditors in IBM i audits. Current manual approaches to such situations are not only error-prone but do not comply with regulations and auditors' often stringent security requirements.

iSecurity Authority on Demand for Power Systems including AS400, iSeries, and System i saves valuable time and resources, enforces segregation of duties and enables relevant personnel to obtain access to approved information when needed. Its real-time audit of access rights protects sensitive corporate assets and significantly reduces the number of profiles with powerful special authorities.

Features of iSecurity Authority on Demand

iSecurity Authority on Demand simplifies the process of granting special authorities when necessary and incorporates easy-to-use reporting and monitoring mechanisms to ensure that this extremely sensitive and potentially dangerous capability is not misused. It also enables recovery from different types of emergencies with minimum chances for human error.

Multiple Reports - iSecurity Authority on Demand creates reports by time, time range, user who requested authority (requester), a user who provided authority (provider), operation type, job name (workstation), time groups and more and can also automatically e-mail those reports to the proper users for review and auditing.

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  • Add & Swap Security Levels

    iSecurity Authority on Demand can grant alternative security authority level or add additional security rights on request.

    iSecurity on Demand allows you to easily manage user authority by adding and lowering authority levels

  • Total Monitoring of Temporary Permissions

    iSecurity Authority on Demand prints the system audit log (QAUDJRN) as well as capturing actual user screen images, during the time of temporary authority transfer until the user releases the authority or job ends either by the user or when the allotted time has expired.

    Our user authority management software for the IBM i allows you to monitor activity from users given temporary permissions with ease

  • Granting of a Crisis ID

    iSecurity Authority on Demand can grant developers temporary access to files, in which the activity is very easily auditable as well as audited access to production libraries and confidential data. iSecurity Authority on Demand provides for a Crisis ID with fire alarm-type “Break Glass” control.

    Our user authority management software for the IBM i allows you to monitor activity from users given temporary permissions with ease

  • Authority Transfer Rules & Profiles

    iSecurity Authority on Demand enables pre-defining special authority "profiles," such as service account user profiles and special authority transfer rules.