Real-time Screen Capture for the IBM i

What is iSecurity Capture?

In today's increasingly complex business environment, an effective audit trail is a key component of any organizational IT security program. Regulations require many organizations to maintain detailed transaction activity records and to retain these records for an extended period.

Additionally, IT departments and technical support personnel need to monitor user activity in order to troubleshoot error conditions, track performance bottlenecks, and ensure compliance with organizational policies. This often requires detailed knowledge of not only what users are doing, but also how they are doing it. Computer logs and audit reports, more often than not, do not provide enough forensic evidence for these purposes.

iSecurity Capture for the IBM i solves that problem. This unique solution complements journals and reports with a visual audit trail of user activity. iSecurity Capture shows exactly what users are doing and when they are doing it! Captured screens are retrievable by means of an intuitive process featuring flexible scrolling and a powerful free-text search engine. Screen captures occur only when needed. You can retrieve captured screens by means of an intuitive process and easy-to-use tools for locating the captured data screens and logs. Screens are arranged according to individual capture 'sessions'. Within each session, you can scroll through the screens sequentially or you can use the moveable Capture Menu to move directly to a particular screen or search for screens containing a specific text string.

  • Specially designed for non-technical users such as auditors, managers and administrators
  • Alerts keep security officers and administrators informed about security breaches in real-time - before it's too late
  • Automatic corrective actions minimize damage from security breaches and prevent recurrence
  • You determine exactly what will happen, when it will happen, and under what conditions
  • User access control features ensure that authorized users have access to the system only at appropriate times
  • Adopted authority control prevents users from bypassing system security

Features of iSecurity Capture

iSecurity Capture is a 5250 screen tracking solution that allows you to automatically capture and save user activity as displayed on workstation screens for Power Systems including AS/400, iSeries, and System i. Capture works silently and invisibly in the background without adversely affecting system performance. Users may not even be aware that it is working. It’s invaluable [traceability capabilities] allow organizations to conform with the strict regulations that apply to industries such as banking, insurance, health care, and defense. iSecurity Capture works as both a stand-alone product and as a fully integrated module in the iSecurity suite.

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  • Use Predefined Criteria to Capture Screen Shots

    Captures and retains user activity on IBM i workstation screens according to predefined criteria such as IP address, user profile, job, day and time

    Real-time Screen Capture for the IBM i

  • Easy Retrieval of Captured Screens

    iSecurity Capture enables the simple retrieval of captured screens with an easy-to-use process and free text search capability

    Real-time Screen Capture for the IBM i

  • Archive and Retention

    Archives captured screens offline to meet data retention requirements without consuming excessive disk resources

  • Training & Documentation

    iSecurity Capture can be used to record a complicated business process, month end procedures, or guidance for a new employee. The output can be sent via email or HTML.

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