Message & Resource Monitoring for Managed Service Providers

What is absMessage for MSP's?

absMessage gives Managed Service Providers (MSP's) the ability to monitor system messages and critical system resources 24 hours a day, 7 days week. Using absMessage to monitor multiple clients allows MSPs the ability to pro-actively manage and monitor client's systems to ensure they are meeting Service Level Agreements (SLA's).

Features of absMessage for MSP's

We offer one of the leading tools on the market to help automate IBM i/AS400 system monitoring and eliminate system-related surprises and headaches. absMessage has now successfully been adopted and developed to provide MSP's with tools to improve practices when working with multiple clients.

absMessage offers MSPs the capability to:

  • Monitor all system messages and resources in real-time across client systems
  • Monitor client system activity from a central web-based interface
  • Customize message handling
  • Setup alerts and escalations to different groups or shifts
  • Automate reactions to activity using advanced scripting
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  • Service Points

    From a central interface, MSP's are able to configure customers systems, format color schemes, create alias names, and organize customer's systems for a better viewpoint of critical messages across multiple client's systems.

    The absmessage interface shows multiple services points that are able to be configured to a customer's system

  • Single Access Point Interface

    absMessage includes a 5250, GUI interface, and Web Console Interface. Through these interfaces MSP's can view multiple systems in one point of access. This allows for central message monitoring and filtering to see when critical messages on certain systems occur.

    Message & Resource Monitoring for Managed Service Providers - Single Access Point Interface

  • Filtering

    absMessage provides pre-canned lists of important message ID's that you can assign escalations to. These lists offer a necessary head start to alerting operations on business critical messages. You can add to these lists or create your own.

    Message & Resource Monitoring for Managed Service Providers - Filtering

  • Alerting and Escalation

    absMessage can send emails, text messages, and SNMP traps/Syslog, allowing MSPs to stay informed of a critical message on clients' systems so action may be taken if needed. Escalations can be set up to notify the necessary people continually. These notifications can be sent based on predefined system message IDs, then escalated to multiple members until the messages are addressed.

    Message & Resource Monitoring for Managed Service Providers - Alerting and Escalation

  • Resource Monitoring

    absMessage has the capability to monitor your customer’s critical system resources. Real-time alerts and reactions can be set up for resources such as CPU Utilization, DISK Thresholds, Message in a wait status, & essential jobs that haven't started, and many more.

    Message & Resource Monitoring for Managed Service Providers - Resource Monitoring

  • Distribution

    absMessage can distribute filters, configuration settings, and internal security to allow you to create rules on one system and propagate them to your customers LPARS very quickly.

    Message & Resource Monitoring for Managed Service Providers - Distribution

  • Licensing models for MSP's

    We provide flexible licensing models for MSP's environments for cloud and on-premise clients.