Message & Resource Monitoring

What is absMessage?

Today's IBM i/AS400 environments are increasingly complex. More and more critical enterprise applications and services are being moved to and hosted on the IBM i. Also, many sites run several LPARS, and it is common for a site to need to monitor several hundred or thousands of system messages daily. Monitoring the activity and resources of this complex environment is critical. absMessage is a monitoring solution for IBM i environments that centralizes and automates resource and message monitoring. absMessage can be accessed through several different user interfaces, including Web UI, Java GUI, and 5250, all available in one comprehensive solution.

Features of absMessage

We offer one of the leading tools on the market to help automate IBM i system monitoring and eliminate system-related surprises and headaches. Now you can monitor and react to messages and critical system resources like processing, disk space or jobs, or create alerts on jobs and utilities. An operator, for example, can set an alert to email them that a backup was successfully completed, and can reply to any messages via the platform of their choice – Web UI, Java GUI, or 5250. 


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  • Monitor IBM i messages from any registered message queue

    absMessage can monitor, react, and generate alerts from the QSYSOPR message queue, IBM's History Log, application message queues, and other IBM i resources. absMessage centralizes critical message collection and alerts you when it detects any unusual situations.

  • Local/Network View/Service Points

    absMessage message management software provides a centralized view of messages for your local or networked IBM i machines. Users can define colors for each server or LPAR to be displayed in the absMessage network console. This gives operators the ability to sort messages in an easier and more efficient way. In addition to the system color coding, absMessage also color codes any messages that enter the console. Pending and critical informational messages appear in red, and inquiry messages that have been replied to or acknowledged appear in yellow.

     absMessage can also sort, view, and react to monitored messages by service point. Service points allow you to subset the IBM i systems you manage by a specific attribute and only work with messaging coming from specific service point groups. Using service points, you can view monitored IBM i system messages belonging to a specific client, organization, division, or another subset of your monitored systems. 

    Message & Resource Monitoring - Local/Network View/Service Points

  • Notification, Escalation, and Scripting

    Using a built-in email and pager client, absMessage IBM i monitoring software gives your organization the advantage of being notified once a message is generated on the system. Do you have SLA’s established? Not a problem, you can set up escalation intervals and have multiple people notified that a message has gone unanswered. Not only can notifications and escalations be sent out, but absMessage scripts can also automate complex responses to messages. Scripts can conditionally reply to messages, execute commands or programs, as well as issue messages. absMessage filter processing can execute different scripts for the same message under different circumstances. For example, you may want to take action on the first occurrence during business hours, and a different action during off hours.

    Message & Resource Monitoring - Notification, Escalation, and Scripting

  • Reply to your IBM i Messages on all your devices

    When you have absMessage running on your IBM i, you can answer system messages from anywhere! Whether you receive a record lock message, hardware error message, or a tape drive message, you will never be caught off guard again. You can answer your critical messages as if you are in the office.

    Message & Resource Monitoring - Reply to your IBM i Messages on all your devices

  • absMessage Web UI

    The absMessage Web UI gives IBM i users the ability to view messages on multiple systems from any internet web browser. Using the absMessage WebUI, you can manage your system messages in a local view for a single system and a network view for multiple servers. The absMessage Web UI also gives you the ability to view archived messages separately from live messages.

    absMessage Web UI allows you to monitor IBM i resources and highlight systems experiencing problems. You can monitor resource conditions and detect issues when managing these IBM i resources.

    • System resources: CPU & disk utilization performing above or below defined ranges
    • Subsystem resources: Tracking active & inactive subsystems, and the number of jobs in a subsystem
    • User profile commands: User profile status, last sign on dates, password expiration & change dates, and number of invalid sign on attempts

    absMessage new Dashboard technology also allows you to view real-time displays and historical trends for system ASPs/iASPs and CPU utilization.

    Message & Resource Monitoring - absMessage Web UI

  • SNMP, SIEM, and ServiceNow Integration

    SNMP traps can be sent to SNMP-enabled products such as HP Openview, IBM Tivoli, and SCOM.

    IBM i-specific tickets can be generated directly into ServiceNow, using absMessage commands, APIs, and escalation. Tickets can be generated using IBM i information and customizable ServiceNow templates and attributes.

    absMessage shipped commands interface directly with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, such as Splunk, IBM QRadar, and AlienVault. This feature allows you to directly send IBM i messages to a SIEM system, including IBM i information inside your SIEM log entries.

    ServiceNow and SIEM integration occur right on your IBM i, without using any go-between mechanisms. Ticket generation and log entries can be created from IBM i programs, escalation procedures, or absMessage filtering.

    Message & Resource Monitoring - SNMP, SIEM, and ServiceNow Integration

  • Dashboards for real-time displays, historical trends, & performance analysis

    absMessage provides a unique dashboard function that allows you to view CPU and ASP/iASP status for all monitored IBM i servers, in real-time. Red-yellow-green indicators tell you whether any systems are throttling their CPU or breaching their storage thresholds. A sure sign of program loops or errors.

    absMessage’s dashboard also allow you to view and analyze historical CPU & storage performance. You can view resource performance peaks and valleys, at a glance, identifying historical and current situations affecting system’s behavior. And when you find where a problem occurred, the dashboard helps you drill down into your data to determine what was happening on your system at that time.

    Message & Resource Monitoring - Dashboards for real-time displays, historical trends, & performance analysis