IBM i Job Scheduling

What is absScheduler?

absScheduler automates and simplifies the management and monitoring of batch processes on IBM i/AS400 systems. With absScheduler, users can quickly and easily schedule individual jobs or the most complex multi-job workflows. All aspects of the schedule can be monitored from an eclipse based GUI dashboard as well as green screen interface, providing increased control, improving productivity, and reducing production delays. absScheduler allows companies to move to a true event-driven scheduling environment on the IBM i/AS400, running and executing jobs based on the occurrence of an event such as a change to a file or the creation of a file.

Features of absScheduler

Within absScheduler, users can work within an Eclipse based GUI or 5250 Green Screen interface to monitor IBM i jobs across all their systems and partitions. The absScheduler GUI, provides a dashboard view of all IBM i systems and the status of completed jobs, failed and pending jobs. Within the GUI, users can drill down into each system to view the status of specific job as well as the entire job history. absScheduler provides best of breed functionality for the IBM i scheduling environment, allowing users to flexibly configure complex workflows using a variety of configurable elements such as day, run, time, custom calendars, dependency handling, variable support, group organization and more.

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  • Enterprise Dashboard

    The absScheduler GUI provides a enterprise interface that allows users to see a summary of job related activity across their entire IBM i environment, without having the need to login to each system to determine if there are any issues or failed jobs that need to be addressed.

    The absScheduler monitoring dashboard also includes multiple graphs summarizing job execution statuses for local and network views as well as live monitoring status dials. Additionally, it also provides analysis capabilities for users, allowing them to review event execution trends from different perspectives.

    IBM i Job Scheduling - Enterprise Dashboard

  • Schedule Jobs across multiple IBM i systems and partitions

    absScheduler includes a number of features and options, allowing for a signficant amount of customization when scheduling jobs across systems. Options for scheduling configuration include running and planning jobs to execute based on parameters such:

    • System Name
    • Run-Day Scheduling
    • Run-Time Scheduling
    • Holiday Handling
    • Exception Handling

    IBM i Job Scheduling - Schedule Jobs across multiple IBM i systems and partitions

  • Complex Job Workflows, Conditions and Dependency Support

    Built into absScheduler is the ability to easily create job workflows when there are complex dependencies between jobs. Within an absScheduler workflow, several jobs that must execute in succession based on completion of a prior job can be scheduled quickly and easily. Additionally, absScheduler's advanced event monitoring capabilities will allow these complex workloads to run based on the occurrence of an event such as a file being changed or created. absScheduler comes standard with support for:

    • Variables
    • Conditions and Dependency handling
    • Alerts and Notifications based on job completion status
    • Reactive Triggers based on the status of a job
    • Support for attachments - stream files, spool files and notes

    IBM i Job Scheduling - Complex Job Workflows, Conditions and Dependency Support

  • Alerting & Actions

    In addition to integration with SEA's absMessage, when scheduling a job or workflow within absScheduler, you can define alerts to be sent based on job late-start or late-end, or job abnormal-end. absScheduler can also launch actions such as executing a CL command or ending a job or flagging it for attention.

  • Group Organization

    The GROUPS feature allows you to create a shared template with attributes that can be saved and used when creating and scheduling multiple jobs to run. This will eliminate unnecessary and redundant work when the same changes are required to be made to multiple jobs. With absScheduler you can quickly make the change to multiple jobs with just one change at the GROUP level.

    In addition, absScheduler's GROUPS make job scheduling easier to manage. When you have a set of jobs related to a specific application or line of business, you can organize them within a common GROUP. If you have jobs that all run on a specific day such as Sunday, having them within the SUNDAY group offers quick identification of common attributes for related jobs.