iSecurity Encryption

What is iSecurity Encryption?

Data encryption is an increasingly essential element of effective IBM i security. It is the final layer of protection for all of your business-critical data, making your data entirely meaningless to those who manage to pass through your other protection layers.

Using an encryption solution ensures that your data is viewed in clear text, masked, scrambled, or not seen at all by those who are not entitled to access your files.

To stay in compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, and other regulatory bodies, sensitive parts of your data are required to be encrypted, ensuring the safety of your company and customer's critical information.

The iSecurity Encryption solution, part of the iSecurity suite, allows you to adequately protect all sensitive data and meet your compliance and regulatory requirements.

Features of iSecurity Encryption

IBM i 7.1 introduced exit program FIELDPROC, now added to the encryption database capabilities, reducing the use of additional files.

Designed after the FIELDPROC announcement, iSecurity Encryption is compatible with the most updated versions of the IBM i, eliminating the need for backward capabilities that come with outdated technology. The unique design provides a more efficient solution, reducing the need to invest in additional resources, to make your data safer.

Key Attributes of iSecurity Encryption

  • Based on IBM Native APIs
  • Works transparently with all kinds of applications
  • Supports DDS and SQL defined files
  • Supports Traditional I/O as well as SQL access
  • Supports AES 256, 192, 128-bit encryption
  • Adheres to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  • 3 Key Levels: Super Key, Master Key, Data Key
  • Master Keys and Data Keys are segmented, requiring several people to define a single key
  • Supports all types of data: Character, Zoned Decimal, Packed Decimal, Clob and Blob
  • Full journaling system guarantees that any changes in parameters are logged
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  • Layered field encryption based on user authorization

    The built-in layers of iSecurity Encryption segregate keys into hierarchical systems, designed to secure your keys from hackers. Even if hackers gain access to just one layer, they are still unable to break through encryption or key retrieval. Using the appropriate Authorization Groups, you may enable additional security, which allows users to view the proper sensitive information based on specific levels of authority given. All non-authorized users will have no access to view the data, while pre-authorized users see encrypted data as hidden, masked, or shown in clear text.

    A flow of the key segregation of iSecurity Encryption allowing you to secr

  • Keys are kept for several generations

    Automated renewal or refreshed key operations will have no impact on accessing encrypted data that was previously encrypted by a discontinued key. Since inactive key information is retained in the original system where the first encryption took place, the transition from old key to new key is automatic, therefore restoring and accessing old encrypted data has become less challenging.

    • Files are never locked. They are available for application use even when encryption keys are refreshed.
    • Master Keys, as well as Data Keys, can be automatically changed, unattended.
  • Multi LPARs managed with a single key

    You can select a controlling system to manage all keys from a central repository. Additionally, you could restrict configuration access on that system so that unauthorized changes are not allowed.

    • In a multi-site environment, a single key manager can be set to support all sites, centralizing all Keys-related activity.
    • Keys are hexadecimal based rather than character based. This provides much stronger encryption for the same usage of computer resources. For example, in AES 256, hex-based keys are 1018 stronger.
    • The software is optimized towards displaying the standard masked data. Choosing this option dramatically reduces the performance impact.
    • Key Manager, Data Manager, and Token Manager can optionally be installed on different IBM i LPARs.

    iSecurity Encryption - Multi LPARs managed with a single key

  • Complete Audit Trail

    With our fundamental logs and reports, you can fulfill your Audit and Compliance requirements.

    • Full journaling system guarantees that any change in parameters is logged
    • Uses NIST encryption standards
    • Adheres to both PCI and COBIT standards
    • 128-bit, 192-bit, and 256-bit AES encryption supported
    • Based on IBM Native APIs
  • Sensitive data fields, or reference fields needing encryption can be easily identified

    Interrogate files using search utility to locate and select the appropriate fields slated for encryption.

    • A fully comprehensive system is provided to help you discover all of your sensitive fields. All database fields are considered, and the product offers selection aids based on field size, name, text, and column headings. This prevents a situation where sensitive data is kept clear in a forgotten and copied version of a file.

    iSecurity Encryption - Sensitive data fields, or reference fields needing encryption can be easily identified