Application & Field Level Security Monitoring

What is iSecurity AP-Journal?

iSecurity AP-Journal is an Application Security and Business Analysis software solution for IBM Power Systems running IBM i servers (also available on older AS400, iSeries, and System i machines). iSecurity AP-Journal reacts to insider threats as well as external security breaches and preserves the integrity of business-critical information. It keeps managers closely informed of essential changes in their business-critical data and allows companies to monitor these entries and send alerts or perform actions if suspicious activity is identified. iSecurity AP-Journal also allows for simple interface reviewing of the journal receivers and reports over the journal receiver data.

Users can integrate information from various files and view all changes relating to specified business items. iSecurity AP-Journal enforces business rules by reacting to real-time events.

iSecurity AP-Journal's unique technology logs database access (READ operations) directly into the journal receivers. This functionality is not provided by IBM i journaling and is an essential component of compliance.

Examples of iSecurity AP-Journal Reports & Conditions

  • Who modified file PAYMENTS between 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM during a personal holiday; among those, who reduced the PAYMENT_AMOUNT by more than 15%?
  • Who worked on the SALARY file during non-standard business hours and accessed employees whose salaries exceed $5,000 monthly?
  • Provide John with a timeline report of all changes made to his MORTGAGE (covering the dozens of files in the MORTGAGE application), during the past 25 years.
  • Send an SMS message and e-mail to the company's Chief Security Officer when the PRICE_OF_ITEM changes by more than 4%
  • Send an SYSLOG message and operator message when the PRICE_OF_ITEM for an ITEM shipped last month changes by more than $6.20.
  • Send an e-mail when anyone accesses the record of an employee whose monthly SALARY is higher than $5000
  • What users who are not in the HR department modified the SALARIES table?
  • What changes to the hospital's PATIENTS file were made via utility application DFU

Features of iSecurity AP-Journal

iSecurity AP-Journal provides a timeline report of all changes relating to application data and reduces unauthorized activity and enables users to meet regulatory requirements. iSecurity AP-Journal also issues real-time alerts informing managers of any changes in application databases and/or unapproved access to critical data. Also, iSecurity AP-Journal also gives users the ability to retain essential security information, independent of the journal receive lifecycle with its advanced filtering the enables saving only necessary information.

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  • Business Analysis

    Secures business-critical applications and issues real-time messages and/or e-mail alerts when user-defined thresholds are crossed. The product generates instantaneous filtered reports covering changes in application data from all relevant applications over periods spanning numerous years.

  • Application Trace

    Enables viewing field changes in files that contain a common key or identifier. The files comprising the set can easily be defined, and filter conditions can be set to expedite performance and quickly display the business-critical data that has changed.

  • Regulation Compliance

    Enables quick viewing of field-level changes in up to two application files.

  • Report Delivery

    With iSecurity AP-Journal, users can have reports delivered via several methods, such as Online, Print, Email and receive report output via HTML, PDF, CSV, or outfile.

  • Real-Time Alerts

    Receive real-time alerts on changes in business-critical data & access, sent as operator messages, e-mail, text message, SYSLOG; and activate the execution of CL Scripts.