IT Automation & Security for the IBM i

It’s difficult to balance security, compliance and control with the flexibility, responsiveness and ease-of-access that today’s agile business strategies demand.  It only takes one security failure to put an entire business and its customers in jeopardy. Similarly, blind spots in resource and message monitoring and failed jobs and batch processes can result in service delays or deficiencies and limit an organization’s ability to react to changing conditions.

SEA offers the tools you need to automate operations, maintain security, achieve compliance and react to changing conditions on the IBM i platform.  SEA’s IBM i Job Scheduling and Message and Resource Monitoring solutions provide comprehensive lights out automation and monitoring for system messages and conditions that delay critical service. The iSecurity suite solutions provide complete end-to-end control, without limiting your business and offer reporting to quickly focus on compliance and security problems. 

In IBM i environments where thousands of messages and transactions are generated daily, how is a limited staff and budget supposed to achieve agility and control? SEA’s monitoring solutions allow companies to proactively monitor their IBM i system message and resource monitoring as well as monitoring of access to their IBM i system and gives companies full control in achieving a lights-out automated IBM i environment.

Defend and protect your company from security breaches by controlling the access, management, and monitoring of security on the IBM i. The iSecurity suite of solutions gives you complete visibility to understand who is accessing your critical systems, what they are doing, and when they did it.


Each module in our end-to-end suite of security solutions is designed to work independently or perform in concert to secure remote access, control user authorities, control use of CL commands, prevent viruses, and secure objects.

The ability to monitor and report on activity and security conditions in real time is critical for complying with government regulation as well as industry and corporate standards. SEA offers unparalleled monitoring and compliance reporting capabilities to help you cover all the bases.

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