iSecurity Safe Update

What is iSecurity Safe Update?

Updates made by programming tools and programs that are not specifically dedicated to update that data can cause costly slowdowns and issues. While you might already have a system in place that limits the changes users can make, Safe-Update adds an extra layer of protection over your data by analyzing which programs are requesting to make changes, and allowing or denying access. 

Simply restricting the access of programmers to make changes is not enough to completely secure your system. Safe Update also keeps your data safe, and implements a protocol for the times when programmers need temporary *ALLOBJ authority in order to complete a project.

Features of iSecurity Safe Update

Safe Update allows you to monitor the changes being made to your critical data, restricting and allowing access based on the file editor and it's compliance with your business rules and the regulations you need to remain compliant with. There are several features that enable you to regulate these changes.

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  • Whitelist/Blacklist of File Editors

    Specific whitelists and blacklists are created to keep your updates limited to the programs that should be making them.

    Whitelists include the programs that are allowed to update files. Your whitelist contains multiple entries, each specifying generic program names and generic library names.

    A blacklist preloaded with programs such as DFU, STRSQL and other known restricted file editors is included with Safe- Update. This blacklist can then be modified according to your organization’s needs.

  • Change Tracking and Ticketing Protocol

    Safe-Update implements an organized workflow for situations in which updates do need to be made by programs that aren’t usually allowed. In these situations, a work order is created before the update is approved. Each work order outlines the reason it was opened, the programmer or programmers that can perform it, the file or files the programmer can update, the time frame that it remains active, and more. A programmer then generates a ticket, which informs Safe-Update that the change will be made. Safe-Update issues a temporary authorization, and logs the activity as the programmer makes the update. All activity during this time is logged, even if the data files themselves are not journaled.

    iSecurity Safe Update - Change Tracking and Ticketing Protocol

  • Easily Authorize and Deny Access to File Editors

    Administrators can implant a security layer in the files themselves which will block any unauthorized updates, even if such are performed by powerful users who have *ALLOBJ authority. 

    iSecurity Safe Update - Easily Authorize and Deny Access to File Editors