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What is iSecurity Compliance Evaluator?

iSecurity Compliance Evaluator provides managers, auditors and systems administrators a quick, yet comprehensive overview of their IBM i's level of compliance with PCI, SOX, HIPAA and other government, industry or enterprise-related regulations.

The solution provides a network-wide compliance assessment for Power Systems including AS/400, iSeries, and System i, with an overall compliance score, and specific ratings for topics for all your IBM i systems. Topic rating is based on the actual rating of the values included in the topic, and their importance. The information provided includes status checking for items such as System Values, Network Attributes, User Profile Attributes, and Object Authorities.

The reports also include useful operational information deriving from QAUDJRN and network activity. Virtually any type of information can be added. The result is a colorful and user-friendly Excel spreadsheet which provides three different views: general, summary, and exceptions only displays.

Features of iSecurity Compliance Evaluator

With iSecurity Compliance Evaluator, managers can efficiently produce any number of compliance checklists, choose the contents and structure of the result, and attach different weights to each item. iSecurity Compliance Evaluator can be scheduled to run automatically, and its results can be emailed directly from the IBM i to the relevant person.


  • PCI, SOX, HIPAA and other compliance checks
  • Results can be scheduled and emailed directly from IBM i
  • Assign Scores and a Scoring System to ensure your IBM i environment is operating at or to the Administrator's defined measurements
  • Report on unexpected changes in User Activity, System Values, Network Attributes, User Profile Attributes and Object Authorities
  • User-friendly GUI interface

iSecurity Compliance Evaluator provides both exception reports, which only show the non-compliant categories and full reports. It gives auditors the capabilities to self-define compliance targets and to score their site's compliance against default and recommended System Value and Network Attribute reports.

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  • Network-Wide Compliance Status at a Glance

    iSecurity Compliance Evaluator gives companies, auditors and administrators a full view of their compliance ratings and scores, helping to identify areas of weakness across your organization.

    With iSecurity compliance evaluator you can view the compliance of your network at a glance

  • Rate and Score your IBM i Compliance

    iSecurity Compliance Evaluator can help you keep your IBM i environment operating according to your companies pre-defined security plan and policies. Using iSecurity Compliance Evaluator, users are able to instantly report and score their IBM i Compliance compared to policy.

  • Report on Unexpected Changes

    iSecurity Compliance Evaluator provides users with the capability to report on unexpected changes in their environment, including by User Activity, System Values, Network Attributes, User Profile Attributes, and Object Authorities.

    Compliance & Security Scorecards & Ratings - Report on Unexpected Changes

  • PCI, SOX, HIPAA ,and Other Compliance Checks

    When creating your Compliance Scorecard you ensure that your compliance needs are being tracked and that maintaining an information security policy will meet your auditor’s needs.