Audit & Compliance Reporting

What is iSecurity Audit?

Recent regulations concerning business transparency have placed security auditing as a key component of any organization's IT security program. Merely creating security policy and purchasing security software tools is not enough. Management must ensure that security policies and procedures are correctly implemented and enforced and be able to evaluate and test the effectiveness of these policies continuingly as well as be able to monitor for suspicious activity and generate real-time alerts to IT staff.

iSecurity Audit solves that problem and more. iSecurity Audit is a system security audit module that enhances native IBM i auditing by adding several robust new features, and providing a user-friendly interface for working with the large, often complex, number of system values and parameters. iSecurity Audit is the only security auditing product available for Power Systems including AS/400, iSeries, and System i that is designed from the ground up for ease-of-use by non-technical personnel, such as outside auditors and managers. The 5250 green screen interface or desktop user interface provides clear explanations for all audit types, parameters, fields, and field values.

iSecurity Audit employs real-time detection to identify security events as they occur and record details in a log file. This log enables you to exploit the powerful query and reporting features that are included with the product. More importantly, real-time detection triggers alerts and/or takes immediate corrective action. Our system security Audit module offers the most potent and flexible IBM i Audit reporting features available today. It includes more than 200 ready-to-run report templates.

Features of iSecurity Audit

iSecurity Audit provides real-time monitoring of system related activities and initiates responses to potential threats. This system security audit tool can respond to threats in real-time by enabling alerts and taking immediate corrective action. iSecurity Audit gives organizations the flexibility to audit only the critical events they deem necessary, eliminating the fear of DASD usage. iSecurity Audit’s powerful query and report generator provide the data you need in real-time or scheduled through the built-in scheduling tool. The software is available in the native “green-screen” interface or a state-of-the-art GUI version.

A graphical breakdown of how Audit can categorize events for an IBM i Audit or IBM i compliance reasons

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  • Over 200+ Built-in Reports for Auditing & Compliance Reporting

    Report templates are ready to be used right out of the box or can be copied and modified to fit your selection criteria. Reports also include summary pages and an explanation page which can be used to add the various overlapping compliances covered, purpose, reason or discussion about the Auditors’ request. Also, iSecurity Audit logs display security audit data in a standard message format with the actual data embedded in the message.

    iSecurity Audit comes with over 200 Built in report templates which let you meet audit and compliance requirements without the need of a lot of up front work

  • View System Audit Log Information

    iSecurity Audit provides an easy to read description of the local system activity. QAUDJRN can be cumbersome to interpret; with iSecurity Audit’s formatting, information can be easily understood.

    Audit & Compliance Reporting - View System Audit Log Information

  • Graphical Intelligence & Analysis

    Built into iSecurity Audit, is the iSecurity Visualizer Business Intelligence System for display and analysis of data from the IBM i. The iSecurity Visualizer provides graphical presentation and analysis of Audit log data and instantaneous responses to queries regardless of log file size. The visualizer component of iSecurity Audit is a critical tool for investigative purposes to isolate specific events on specific dates in minutes.

    Audit & Compliance Reporting - Graphical Intelligence & Analysis

  • Powerful Report Generator and Scheduler

    The powerful Report Generator allows users to quickly and easily create audit reports without programming. Queries employ robust selection criteria such as AND/OR, equal/not equal, greater/less than, like/not like, included in list, etc. Only the information that you need is included. Report formats are fully customizable. The scheduler can be defined to automatically send weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. reports based on a predefined reporting plan. When multiple reports are being generated, they can also be compressed into a single attachment in an email notification.

    Audit & Compliance Reporting - Powerful Report Generator and Scheduler

  • Built-in Real Time Alerting & Actions

    iSecurity Audit can send Real-Time Alerts & process CL commands based on local activity. If a file is deleted, changed, or moved we can offer a real-time resolution in with Audit. Alerts sent via e-mail, MSGQ, SMS, Syslog, Twitter, SNMP; alert messages can be event-specific, including replacement variables, or standard alert messages.

    Audit & Compliance Reporting - Built-in Real Time Alerting & Actions