iSecurity Anti-Virus

What is iSecurity Anti-Virus?

Only a few years ago, the IBM i was used almost exclusively in a closed environment and the OS/400 operating system provided the strongest data and system security in the world, but times have changed. In today's world of PCs, distributed databases, the Internet and web technologies, closed computing environments are all but extinct.

Technological advances opened up the IBM i to the rest of the world, but in the process, brought with it many of the security risks inherent in distributed environments, leading to a shocking discovery. Although the IBM i doesn't run .exe files, it can house infected files - where they can wait silently until a network user transfers and opens the compromised file on their PC.

Standard PC anti-virus software only searches PC-bases files, which is just a partial solution in environments where the iSeries stores PC files. These files can then be accessed by any user connected to an IBM i who may then become infected by one of these virus-infected files. Therefore, additional server security is critical for providing a complete anti-virus solution for your IBM i. Additionally, anti-virus protection and the ability to scan IBM i IFS objects has become a requirements of several industry regulations, including the credit card industry’s PCI auditing requirements.

iSecurity Anti-Virus enables fighting viruses using a specially designed, comprehensive and user-friendly product. iSecurity Anti-Virus' user-friendly interface incorporates the most intuitive features on the market, helping to keep viruses away from your network and your PC.  

Features of iSecurity Anti-Virus

iSecurity's Anti-Virus module offers total protection for the IBM i IFS against viruses, trojan horses and malicious code. iSecurity Anti-Virus scans all accessed files, offers comprehensive virus detection by marking, quarantining and deleting infected files preventing your IBM i from becoming an infection source or inaccessible by becoming infected by ransomware such as CRYPTOWALL which are designed to encrypt files residing on the integrated file system (IFS) and demand payment to allow you to regain access to your files. No effective security policy is complete without iSecurity Anti-Virus.

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  • Automatic Virus Signature updates

    iSecurity Anti-Virus can be setup to automatically download the latest virus signature updates via the internet or PC at no additional cost

    iSecurity Anti-Virus

  • Virus Signature Based on Largest Open Source Virus Signature

    iSecurity Anti-Virus incorporates the latest version of ClamAV's open source anti-virus engine to provide full protection for Power Systems including AS/400, iSeries, and System i.

  • Comply with HIPAA, PCI and SOX Regulations

    If your organization needs to comply with PCI, HIPAA, or SOX, anti-virus software is a key requirement in maintaining compliance. According to the payment card industry regulations, they require that companies “use and deploy anti-virus software on all systems that can be affected by malware and ensure that the anti-virus mechanism is current, running, and can generate audit logs." Additionally, both HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley have similar requirements to prevent malware and keep an updated anti-virus mechanism.

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