iSecurity Anti-Ransomware

What is iSecurity Anti-Ransomware?

iSecurity Anti-Ransomware protects against ransomware attacks that infect your Integrated File System (IFS) via mapped/shared drives. Ransomware duplicates, deletes and encrypts files on a computer system until a ransom is paid to the malicious actor. 

Since the IBM i is no longer an isolated platform, there is a real risk of ransomware spreading to it and other devices and systems via networked drives and cloud storage services. IFS directory files can easily become ransomware victims and unintentional ransomware propagators, through infected mapped drives. Ransomware encrypts every file that it has access to, including IFS files, leaving organizations feeling paralyzed, exposed and without many options.

The iSecurity Anti-Ransomware module can help detect high-volume cyber threats deployed from an external source, isolate the threat, and prevent it from further damaging valuable data stored on the IBM i. iSecurity Anti-Ransomware is a proactive solution, designed to recognize and protect the system quickly and efficiently from known and unknown (zero-day) threats, as soon as malicious activity is diagnosed.

The threat prevention dashboard configures iSecurity’s Anti-Ransomware module to identify IFS ransomware attack activity
in real-time and takes the necessary measures to alert, react and stop it in its tracks.

What is iSecurity Anti-Ransomware?

Features of iSecurity Anti-Ransomware

  • Identifies, stops, delays, and reports on ransomware attacks in real-time
  • Uses a combination of methods to identify ransomware behavioral characteristics, such as activity on files, names, extensions, encryption status, and honeypots
  • Classifies the dangers and determines the appropriate way to quarantine & neutralize the ransomware, based on customer configuration & system setup
  • Suspends the attack by quarantining offending files/systems, while alerting the relevant administrators in real-time via QSYSOPR message queue, email or syslog.
  • Provides a full audit trail, complete with logs and a robust query generator with the ability to export reports in spool files, PDF, HTML & Zip formats
  • Ransomware signature file updated from the web using a proprietary signature file
  • iSecurity Anti-Ransomware now comes with a Java-based GUI interface, making implementation and maintenance even easier!